Introducing the Gone Library

Comme des Garçons Six, 1989

The Gone Library is a new approach to fashion writing, research, and curation. Produced by Shop Don't Tell, our newsletter and editorial platform hopes to provide fashion history, criticism, and trend forecasting with a level of quality that cannot be found anywhere else. The world of fashion journalism, theory, and historical research is full of brilliant writers and thinkers, a reality which only underscores how under-studied and under-theorized many areas of fashion remain today.

We hope to deliver the best possible material to you by ta king a precise and intense look at a small set of critical moments in recent history. Initially, our focus is on the 1990s, the vibrant world of Japanese fashion, the singular creations of Helmut Lang, and the archival fashion community as it is developing on the Internet today. 

The first issue of the newsletter launches June 1st, and we are excited to begin building a community of readers and contributors who are as interested as we are in these important topics. Stay tuned to Gone Library for our first long-form, analytical essay, about Helmut Lang and the theory of minimalism, which launches June 1st. 

Please reach out to if you have any concerns, suggestions, or potential contributions. 

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